Tricone Bit Is An Important Tool For Oil Drilling

The tri-cone bit is an important tool for oil drilling, and its performance will directly affect the drilling quality, drilling efficiency and drilling cost f1. The tri-cone bit design is mostly based on practical experience, combined with trial and error method, repeated design and calculation, so the design accuracy is low, the cycle is long, it is difficult to improve the design quality, and only one bit can be designed for each calculation, and the efficiency is low. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a CAD system for the tri-cone bit to realize the parametric drawing of the tri-cone bit. 1 system overall design The tri-cone bit parametric drawing system adopts the functional modular programming method, which divides the whole system into four functional modules: user interface management module, drill tooth surface structure design module, database management module, parametric drawing Module. The user interface is designed using VBA secondary development tools embedded in AutoCAD. The user inputs the relevant parameters of the tri-cone bit design through the user interface module to realize the communication of human-machine information. The main function of the bit tooth surface structure design module is to complete the complex tri-cone bit design data calculation according to the tri-cone bit design theory. The database management module is a database created by Access 2003 in the form of a data table.

Created on:2022-03-08 17:18