Good Raw Material Is Important For Bullet Teeth

Let us be straight up about the answer: for a good drilling bit, the body should use 42 CrMo and be forged from round steel. With our commitment to make the most enduring bullet teeth, we adopt the best quality material in the market, so that you don't have to worry about changing your drill bits every other day. What’s better, since we don't bluff on pricing, you can get the ideal bullet teeth well within your budget.

42 CrMo steel is an ultra-high strength steel with high toughness. Before quenching, we preheat  the material for 2-4hrs at 500-600 ℃. Next, we raise the temperature to 1000-1050 ℃. After that, it drops back at 160-180℃ for 2hrs.

After this process, the hardness of the drill bits can reach 49-52 HRC. This is the minimum standard of quality control of drilling bullet teeth that comes with any drilling tools at YIJUE. 

Furthermore, we design carbide strips or carbide beans on the bullet teeth body. This has proven to protect the body of the drill bits effectively. With this design, the lifetime of our drill bits extends to 2-3 times longer than the ones without.

Created on:2022-03-08 17:17